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Sentido Mikri Poli Crete Achieves Prestigious Travelife Gold Award

The Sentido Mikri Poli Crete in Makri Gialos has just achieved a prestigious Travelife for Hotels & Accommodations Gold award.

Travelife – the international sustainability certification scheme – assesses a property’s performance in managing their social, environmental and economic impacts. The labelling scheme helps hotels cut costs and increase sales, by improved sustainability.

To gain Travelife Gold certification the hotel must meet their 150 sustainability criteria. This includes environmental issues, such as minimising their waste and use of energy, water and chemicals; , as well as taking positive action on social issues, such as employee welfare, working with the local community, child protection and human rights. They must also show how they are helping to support local businesses and protect local traditions and wildlife.



The Sentido Mikri Poli Crete has reduced its energy use with actions which include among others the installation of low –consuming light bulbs throughout the hotel as well as photoelectric sensors in all the public toilets of the hotel, installation of an automatic switching off of the air conditions in the rooms when the balcony door or any window is open, achieved all the energy consumption goals set by the budget of the company etc.


The Sentido Mikri Poli Crete has reduced the amount of waste it produces by undertaking a thorough recycling programme of paper, aluminium, plastic, glass within the premises of the hotel, has established a firm policy of purchasing all the needed goods and products from local suppliers whenever it is possible,  installed recycle bins in all the public areas so that the guests can contribute to this greater cause etc.


The hotel uses various methods to save water, including an installation of an οrganic cleaning in the premises of the hotel in order to reuse some of the water, fulfils its water needs from a nearby spring and processes the water in order to fulfil all the necessary criteria, uses a schedule for watering the gardens that takes place only during the night in order to avoid unnecessary water consumption etc.

As well as these day-to-day environmental measures, the hotel goes further to protect the environment by not cleaning the rooms once per week as a day that it is dedicated to the environment, which is communicated to the guests, has created a huge beach cleaning and tree planting on the World’s Environmental Day where all the guests were asked to participate, has included as a part of the animation of the Kid’s club the activity “Sentido Eco Trail” which gives all the important information to the children regarding the proper environmental behaviour etc.

The hotel measures its performance regularly to monitor the impact of its sustainability efforts, report on results and plan improvements.

Supporting people

Travelife certification shows that the hotel is committed to treating people fairly and with respect. As well as providing good working conditions for staff and investing in its employees by providing regular training, the Sentido Mikri Poli Crete aims to be an active member of the local community.The hotel supports local people by having collected and donated used but in good condition equipment to a local monastery, promoting the local activities by including posters inside its premises and informing the guests about them, providing access to its facilities to the local people etc.

Local economy and businesses

The Sentido Mikri Poli Crete also tries to support the local community from an economic perspective by buying goods or services from local suppliers whenever that is possible, encouraging guests to visit local shops/restaurants and attractions, hires staff mostly from the region in which it is situated etc.

Communication with guests

The Sentido Mikri Poli Crete also tries to involve guests in their sustainability activities, such as informing them that they can reuse their sheets/towels for environmental reasons, including stickers in all the public toilets to encourage them to save water, informing them about protected areas in the beach of the hotel etc.

A key reason for tourism businesses to care about sustainability is to help protect the unique natural and cultural characteristics of their resort, so it continues to attract tourists in the future. The Sentido Mikri Poli Crete therefore has a Greek lesson as a part of the animation programme so that the guests  can learn some basic words in Greek, has a Cretan Corner in all the lunch and dinner buffets so that the guests can taste the local cuisine, organises the Sentido Discovery walk to show the main attractions within walking distance of the hotel, organises the Sentido cooking lesson so that the guests discover some secrets of the Cretan nutrition etc.